Deschutes River Vineyards

Owned By Doug and Betty Dunn
The Dunns have planted seven acres of grapevines on a south facing slope on their ranch on Lower Bridge Way at the Deschutes River. They have chosen to plant a combination of Viniferous and Hybrid Grapes including, several varieties of Pinot, and the French American Hybrid Marquette. The Dunns plan to expand to 15 acres of grapes in the next couple of years, which will qualify them under ORS 215-452 to have a winery that is associated with a vineyard on Agricultural land.

Several of the Dunn’s six children have retired and moved back to this area. They are taking a step by step approach and are hoping to make this a family business someday.

Growing the wine industry in Central Oregon can have a positive effect on the economy by bringing job opportunities to our area. Central Oregon is an area that’s steeped in tourism and ripe for drawing tourists to a wine region as a destination.

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